The Institute of Social History "ProMemoria" is an institution affiliated to the Faculty of History and Philosophy of the Moldova State University with the status of centre of research and training. The main aim of the ISH "ProMemoria" is the historical scholarship, promotion and implementation of new methods, research and teaching areas in the field of historical sciences through the following objectives:

  • Elaboration, implementation/realisation, evaluation and monitoring of research and training projects of local/national and international levels;
  • Organising of seminars, symposiums, conferences, and regularly meetings involving professionals in key-areas of activity;
  • Developing publishing activities and conducting trainings for specialists in historical sciences;
  • Promotion and popularization of historical knowledge through mass-media;
  • Professional assistance in the field of historical sciences through access to information, consulting, and training;
  • Creating and managing a specialized library.

The members of the Institute of Social History "ProMemoria" are the founders of the non-governmental organisation from the area of science and innovation – the Institute of Social History "ProMemoria" (see art. nr. 18 of the Code on Science and Innovation of the Republic of Moldova), established by decision of the Ministry
of Justice nr. 314 of October 22, 2010.